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Coldfusion on Wheels (cfwheels) 1.1 release - Plugin Injection Performance Improved

12 August 2010

As with all frameworks, performance is a big part of what makes a framework great. With my ongoing work on Reservoir, we ran into an issue with wheels plugin performance.  We ran into this problem because we use so many plugins. Right now, Reservoir uses 32 different plugins to enhance the functionality of wheels or to add new functionality that we needed specifically for the application.

The changes made were small, but the performance improvement was HUGE. Before the change, it was taking upwards of 9 to 11 milliseconds for a model object to be created in the framework for our application. As you can imagine, just instantiating 20 model objects was taking 200+ milliseconds, completely unacceptable.

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CFWheels Assetbundler 1.0 Released!

25 July 2010

I am happy to announce the 1.0 release of the Coldfusion on Wheels assetbundler. You can check out the source code over on github and download  it from my code page or over at the Coldfusion on Wheels site. This release includes some code and documentation clean up as the plugin has been stable for quite some time now.

Over at Liquifusion Studios, we have been using the plugin for quite some time to keep our javascript and css code base neat and tidy in our membership software offering.

If you have any ideas for updates to the plugin, don't hesitate to fork me on github or tweet me.

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